Heatherlands Medical Centre

New Hey Road, Woodchurch CH49 9DA
Tel: 0151 677 2172 Fax: 0151 678 1242

Heatherlands Prescription and Test Results Procedure

Prescription Requests:

Please allow 48 hours for prescriptions to be processed.  We are unable to take prescription requests over the phone. 

Submitting your request more than 1 week too early will result in your request being declined and you will need to re-submit your request again. 

Test Results:

Please do not call before 2:30pm for tests results as you will be asked to call back later in the day.  This is to ensure that all lab results are processed each morning and patient records are updated. Our Reception staff are not trained to read test results and you may need to come and see your GP to discuss your results.

Thank you