Heatherlands Medical Centre

New Hey Road, Woodchurch CH49 9DA
Tel: 0151 677 2172 Fax: 0151 678 1242

New Patients

If you wish to register as a new patient, you can either complete a registration form at reception or, register online using the following link: https://gp-registration.nhs.uk/N85037

Register your new baby

If you are the proud parent of a new baby, you may not be thinking about the need to register him/her with a doctor, but it is in the baby’s best interest to do this as soon as you can. There are forms of the surgery that you can use to register your baby.

When the surgery is informed of your baby’s birth, we will send Mum a six-week post natal appointment and your baby’s first immunisation appointment. If we do not have a registration for your baby we will include the appropriate form.

Please Click Here to find information about what happens when you are referred by your GP to see a specialist.