Heatherlands Medical Centre

New Hey Road, Woodchurch CH49 9DA
Tel: 0151 677 2172 Fax: 0151 678 1242

Patient Information

Out of Hours and Emergencies

If you require a doctor after 6.30pm and before 8.30 am, also at weekends and bank holidays, please contact GP Out of Hours on NHS 111.


If you are unable to attend an appointment, please ring to cancel. The appointment then can be given to someone else who needs it.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The staff, patients, carers and visitors have the right to work and be cared for in a safe and supportive environment.
Both verbal and physical abuse against staff is a crime and we will press for the maximum possible penalty for anyone who behaves in a violent or abusive way. The practice will contact the police if they feel it appropriate.

Walk in Centres

Victoria Central Hospital Mill lane 604 7296
Arrowe Park Hospital 488 3706

Disabled access and Parking

The surgery has full disabled access and designated parking spaces.


During any consultation a patient may have to be examined, they may if they wish to be accompanied by either a friend or relative or a member of staff. If patients require being chaperoned they need to inform the GP at the very beginning of the consultation.

What Happens when you are referred by your GP to see a Specialist?

Please Click Here to find information about what happens when you are referred by your GP to see a specialist.