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Join our Step Challenge in May 2023 raising money for Incubabies!

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The Neonatal Unit at Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital provides life-saving care to over 400 babies every year who have been born premature or sick in Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire, and North Wales

It is one of only two level 3 (the highest possible level) intensive care units in the whole of Merseyside and Cheshire and the only unit in the area to provide both level 3 adult and neonatal intensive care on the same site. This allows very sick mothers who have poorly babies to be cared for in the same hospital. The next nearest hospital to provide that combined service is Newcastle. WE CANNOT LOSE THIS UNIT!

Level 3 is the highest-level of neonatal units. They provide specialised care for extremely sick or premature babies from around 24 weeks of pregnancy and they are on our doorstep. Babies born as early as 23 weeks have been able to survive thanks to the outstanding care provided by their team.

Dr Camphor has supported this charity for a long time and now as Heatherlands in the community we would like to raise some funds for this local charity with your help.

From the 15th May 2023 until the 11th June we are asking people to join in on our step challenge. All forms must be submitted the week of the 12th June for the winner to be announced and prize given.

There are options for entering this competition 1st make a one off donation of £5 with this you get a step sheet to complete and a step counter should you need one. The 2nd option is to collect sponsors, with this you will get a sponsor form & step sheet to complete again with the option of a step counter for those with out smart watches.

All money raised will go to the      A picture containing text, font, logo, graphics

Description automatically generated and the person with the most steps within the 4 weeks will win a gift basket filled with goodies. Please ask at reception if you need more information or the forms/ step counters to join in.